How to add an additional PROFIT to your clinic...

Discover how you can add $100k

in profit to your clinic in the first year alone.*

* Results not guaranteed but are based on average member results

Our program is high value, low labor, and low overhead.

With profit margins averaging around 58% and startup costs between $4 and $5k, with as few as twelve program clients you could be adding a profit stream of $100k or more to your clinic.

And that’s just the beginning.

Make lifestyle changes

Adopt a program that benefits all

Activate Metabolics is beneficial and affordable for your patients while remaining highly profitable for you. Your clients make lifestyle changes that serve them for the rest of their lives, and you expand your clinic at the same time.

How do I get started?

Ready to get started?

Sign up for the Activate Metabolics Membership.

What’s included in the Activate Metabolics Membership?

Becoming an Activate Metabolics member is more than just getting access to the program materials. As an Activate Metabolics member, you get:

Activate Metabolics Training for all current and future employees.

Ongoing support.

1:1 Marketing training with a weight loss marketing expert.

Monthly leadership calls covering the latest marketing materials and ways to continue expanding.

Access to the Activate Metabolics dashboard.

Access to customized forms, manuals, and journals that make conducting the program a breeze.

Access to proprietary products and supplements including Activate Weight Loss, Detox, and Vitality.

Use of all marketing materials and proprietary branding.

Your own program website and vanity URL.

Weekly blogs written and uploaded to your individual program site.

Use and access to our genetic reports.

And much more.

The Activate Metabolics Membership is only $1,800/month. There are no upfront fees, and your first month’s fee gives you everything you need to get started — making our program dramatically cheaper than typical franchises or group programs.

Activate Metabolics grows every part of your clinic

Adding Activate Metabolics also helps grow your core services. By expanding your offerings and adding in an additional marketing angle, you’ll bring in people who otherwise wouldn’t have come through the door for general services. Our members often discover that their revenue grows even more than expected through patients deciding to utilize other services they offer as well.

Frequently asked questions

It’s up to you. You’re the doctor and control pricing decisions, but the average for a 12-month program is $1,800-$2,100, with 6-months being roughly half that.

Yes. How you price and market your program is up to you, and the membership includes a variety of discounts and marketing materials other clinicians are finding success with everyday.

It’s $230 per client + labor fees.

Here’s an example of an average monthly investment based on 12 clients:

Activate Membership


Marketing & Advertising


Clinic Director Salary


Hard costs of materials

$230 per person
or $2,760

Misc office expenses

roughly $500

Total monthly expenses


What’s the average monthly overhead per clinic?

The average clinic pays $9k/month or so in overhead for around 12 clients. This includes the membership fee, your Clinic Director’s salary, hard material costs, misc office expenses, and marketing fees.

Compare that to franchises that cost tens of thousands to join, charge thousands per month, and take more as you grow. Our fees stay the same no matter how many clients you have.

What are the initial startup costs?

The program software is $800, the initial membership fee is $1,800, and the kits are $230 per client. Assuming you launch with a dozen clients in the first month, which many of our clients have done that and much more, you’re looking at only $4-5k in startup costs.

Where else can you invest just $5k and expect a 6-figure per year profit?

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